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Members Exchange offers a suite of online services that allow you to access your business accounts from “Anywhere”, 24-hours a day when it’s convenient for you. At Members Exchange, rest assured your personal security is of the utmost importance to us. In both real-world and online situations, we take extreme precautions to protect you from fraudulent activity and identity theft.


By choosing E-Statements over standard paper statements, you increase the security of your business information, become environmentally friendly, and save storage space. Electronic delivery of statements provides the ease of a long-term online accessible filing solution for your financial statements! With your Members Exchange business account, e-Statements are FREE! If you elect to receive a paper statement, your account will be charged a $5.00 monthly fee. Learn more about e-Statements.

FREE Online Banking

Managing your business accounts has never been easier – just point and click! With MECU Anywhere, our online banking service, you have access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and best of all, it’s FREE. Log on today for real-time account information. There will be no more wondering if a payment has cleared or guessing your account balance.

FREE Mobile Banking

Mobile Banking gives you two options for easy access to your accounts from your mobile device. While you are on the go:  Mobile Web ( and user friendly Mobile Apps. Best of all, it’s FREE. Use Mobile Banking.

BizPay – Online Bill Pay

Members Exchange’s BizPay is an online bill payment service offered exclusively for business account holders. BizPay is designed to be quick, easy and cost effective for you.

e-Alert Service

Wouldn’t it be nice if your account could talk to you? No one has time to watch their account 24/7. That’s where our e-Alert service comes in.

What are e-Alerts? This FREE service allows you to set up the delivery of notifications when a defined activity occurs on your account. e-Alert notifications are set up through home banking once you are enrolled. Wouldn’t you like to to be notified when your balance falls below a certain level, or if a check has cleared? Sign up for e-Alerts and enjoy these benefits:

  • Account Balance Notifications
  • Transaction Amount Notifications
  • Check Clearing Notifications

Notifications can be sent to an email address or to any mobile device.

Automated Account Access Line

Manage your accounts 24/7 by telephone. With Members Exchange’s FREE Automated Account Access Line you can call any time for balance or history inquiries, transfers, and much more! An access code is required to obtain your account information.

Access the Automated Account Access Line at 1-877-370-MECU (6328) or 601-922-3350 and choose option 1.

Cash Management – Sweep Transfers

A Sweep Transfer is a smart business choice if your checking account balance significantly exceeds your daily cash flow needs. At the close of each business day, excess funds above a specified balance are automatically transferred into a higher yielding account where it remains until needed in the checking account.

Here is how it works:

  • You determine a balance threshold.
  • You select a savings or money market investment account.
  • If end-of-day balances exceeds your threshold, excess funds are automatically transferred into the account you have selected.
  • Fully automatic – enjoy the convenience of not having to manually monitor or transfer excess funds on a daily basis.
  • Limit funds held in your e-business checking account and reduce your exposure to fraud.
  • Maximize your earnings by keeping the bulk of your funds in the higher yielding cash management account.

Receive 10 free sweeps per month. A charge of $10 fee will apply to each sweep transfer thereafter. To establish a cash management – Sweep Transfer, a Sweep Authorization Form is required.

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How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU
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