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Fee Schedule

Updated Fees Effective Jan. 1, 2020

Operational Fees

Service Fees
Membership within 90 days $20.00
Rejoining within 90 days $20.00
Minimum Balance Fee (no fee if age 60/older, 17/younger or new account for the first 6 months) $5.00 / month if aggregate share balance is less than $500 on the last day of the month.
Dormant Account (no fee if 17/younger) $15.00 / month (less than $100/no transactions for 6-months)
Money Orders $5.00 / each (Free if Relationship Pricing Member)
Cashiers Check $10.00/each
Corporate check made payable to third party $5.00 / each
VISA Gift Cards $5.00 / each ($2 for Relationship Pricing members)
Prepaid Debit Card $5.00 / each ($2 for Relationship Pricing members)
Paper Statement Fee (no fee if age 60/older or 17/younger)

*New members will receive a two-statement grace period. e-Statements are required to open and maintain Kasasa accounts.
Account Maintenance Upon Member Request $10.00

Wire Transfers

Service Fees
Outgoing wire $25.00
Incoming Wire $25.00
Outgoing Wire – non-member $30.00
International (incoming & outgoing) $50.00
Electronic Payment Convenience Fee (paid with debit card or ACH draft from another institution.) $4.95
Electronic Payment Returned Item Fee $35.00
Escheat Fee $50.00
Share Withdrawal $15.00 (in excess of two per month)
Overdraft transfer (Free for Choice, Premium, Free2B, Kasasa Checking & Platinum RP members.) $10.00 per occurrence (free for Premium, Kasasa or Choice ckg.)
Holiday Club Withdrawal $15.00 (in excess of one per year)
Vacation Club Withdrawal $15.00 (in excess of one per year)
Non-sufficient Funds / ACH Debit $35.00
Return Item Fee $35.00
Account Inquiry Fee $5.00
Member to Member Transfer $5.00
Check Deposit Verification Fee $5.00
Return Mail / Insufficient Address $10.00
Additional Statement Copy $10.00
Verification of Deposit Processing $15.00
Corporate Check Rush Stop Payment (request received within 15 days) $30.00
ACH Pre-Authorized Stop Payment $30.00 / per item
ACH Pre-Authorized Stop Payment $30.00 / per series
Third Party Deposited Returned Item NSF $15.00
Merchant Check Collection $30.00
Notary Fee (non-members) $5.00 (free for members)
Copying Fax Services $5.00 (free for members)
Research Fee $30/hour
Redeposit Returned NSF item $15.00
Check Cashing Fee (no fee with MECU checking or aggregate share balance of $500 or more) 5% of the check amount or $20.00 whichever is greater
Self-serve Coin Machine (Main Office) 4.9% for members / 9.9% for non-members and for general members using the machine for business use

IRA Fees

Service Fees
Annual Fee $15.00
Withdrawal Fee $35.00 (in excess of four per year)
IRA Direct Transfer Fee – outgoing $30.00

Money Market Account Fees

Service Fees
Withdrawal Fee $15.00 (in excess of two per month)
Service Fee $10.00 / month (if balance falls below $2,500)
NSF Fee / Overdraft Fee $35.00
Stop Payment $30.00 per item
Stop Payment $50.00 per series
Overdraft Transfer $10.00 each occurrence (free for Premium or Choice ckg.)

Checking Fees

Service Fees
Kasasa Checking – Paper Statement Fee

(e-Statements are required to open and maintain Kasasa accounts. No fee for members age 60/older and 17/younger. New members receive a two statement grace period to enroll.)
Renew Checking $9.95
Members Premium monthly service fee (no fee if age 50/older, 17/younger, maintain average daily balance of $1,000 or more) $10.95
Members Choice monthly service fee $10.95
Members Choice monthly service fee $8.95 (for members over age 50)
Non-sufficient funds / Overdraft Fee $35.00
Stop Payment $30.00 / per item
Stop Payment $50.00 / per series
Share Draft copy $5.00
Starter checks $5.00 per page (4 checks)
Inquiries on Cleared Checks $5.00

MECU Anywhere – Online Bill Pay Fees

Service Fees
Non-sufficient Funds / Overdraft Fee $35.00
Monthly Inactivity Fee $5.00 after 2 month with no activity
Stop Payment $10.00
Merchant Return $10.00

ATM/VISA Debit Card Fees

Foreign ATM withdrawal $4.00
PIN Replacement $5.00
Limit Increase Request Fee $10.00 per request
Card Replacement $15.00
Card Replacement – Rush Fee $50.00
Non-sufficient Funds/Overdraft Fee- Point of Sale (POS)/ATM $35.00
Card Abuse “Hot Card” $15.00
Foreign ATM Balance Inquiry Fee $1.00

Loan Fees

Service Fees
Loan Documentation Fee (charged to approved collateral secured and personal loans only) $25.00
Over the Credit Limit Fee (line of credit) $40.00 per month
Skip-a-Payment $35.00 per loan
Line of Credit checks:
Non-sufficient Funds $35.00
Stop payment $30.00 / per item
Stop payment $50.00 / per series
Late Payment Fee 4% of the monthly payment or $5.00, whichever is greater if the payment is received 16 days after the scheduled due date.

Legal Fees

Service Fees
Tax Levy Processing $75.00
Garnishment Processing 10% of garnishment amount up to a maximum of $75.00
Collection Account (c.u. initiated legal action) $25.00
Subordination Agreement $100.00

Safe Deposit Box Fees

Service Fees
Annual Rental:
3x5x21 $35.00
3x10x21 $45.00
5x10x21 $65.00
Lost keys / drilling fee $150.00

Do you have any questions about Members Exchange fees? Contact our office.