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Woman with black curly hair and black frame glasses passes a green credit card over to a barista while smile in exchange for a coffee.

VISA® Pre-paid Cards

VISA® pre-paid cards can be used in place of cash while traveling, for a gift, or every day spending. Choose between a CUMONEY® Visa Everyday Spend for personal use, or a CUMONEY® Visa Gift Card to give as a gift.

CUMONEY® Everyday Spend Debit Card

The Everyday Spend Pre-paid Debit Card works just like a traditional debit card, but with more convenience and security.

Shop, dine or pay bills with ease in person and online, knowing your money and personal information are protected.

Click here for more information or to load funds to a CUMONEY® Everyday Spend Debit Card.

Need help? Contact: 1.877.850.9650

CUMONEY® Visa Gift Card

The Visa Gift Card can be used as a gift for anyone and any occasion. Visit a Members Exchange branch to purchase a gift card and load the desired amount onto the card.

Need help? Contact: 1.866.833.2370