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Now there’s a way to control your spending, but still enjoy the convenience of a Visa® debit card.

Simply carry our prepaid debit card and enjoy all these benefits:

  • No credit check
  • Pre-funded to help you manage your money
  • Load up the card now. Add more money any time
  • Track spending with the online management tool
  • Load more funds from your own computer
  • Eliminates being overdrawn and overdraft fees
  • Use wherever VISA® debit cards are accepted
  • Not linked to any account, so no risk if lost or stolen
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • No Application Required!

Load more money to your card now!

Download The CUMONEY Prepaid App

On the go? Download the free CUMONEY Prepaid App in the Apple or Google App store, by searching under CUMONEY.

  • Create a new account, with username and password, for each card
  • Enjoy reload features like remote check deposit and Visa® ReadyLink
  • See detailed merchant information with each transaction
  • View pending transactions

General questions about your CUMONEY Prepaid Debit Card

  1. How long does it take to get a CUMONEY card? Once the order is placed, it normally takes 7–10 business days and the card is mailed to your home address.
  2. How can I load funds onto the card? You can visit any one of our offices to load more funds to your card or you can reload funds at the website.
  3. How soon will I have access to the money once the funds are loaded? Funds that are loaded at the credit union will be available within 24 hours. Funds that are loaded through the website are not available for 3 to 5 business days. When funds are loaded using the website, this will create an ACH debit withdrawal from your account at the credit union for the amount that you wanted loaded to your card.
  4. Do you conduct credit checks? No. We do not conduct any credit checks.
  5. Can I have more than one prepaid debit card? No. There is a limit of one card per person as well as a limit of one card per account.
  6. Where can I use my card? A card can be used at any location that accepts the VISA Debit card.
  7. Where can I get a CUMONEY card? You can get a card at any one of our convenient locations. You must be present to get a CUMONEY card.
  8. Will the card expire? Yes. All cards have a 30 month expiration date.
  9. Will I have to activate my card? Yes. Once you receive the card in the mail, you will need to activate it by calling the Voice Response Unit (VRU) at 877-850-9650 using your temporary PIN.
  10. Can I use the card to make withdrawals at the ATM? Yes. You will need to enter your PIN and follow the ATM instructions. You may make up to (10) ATM withdrawals per day, for a daily maximum of $300.
  11. How much can I load on my card? The minimum amount you can load is $10.00 and the maximum amount is $5,000.00.
  12. What if I need to change my PIN? You can change your PIN through the website.
  13. How do I update my personal information? You can update your personal information, such as your home address and phone number ONE TIME from the website.
  14. Who do I call if I lose my card? If your card is lost or stolen, you need to call 877-850-9650.
  15. What happens if I have a fraudulent charge on my card? You will need to call 877-850-9650.
  16. What does MECU charge for the CUMONEY Card? The only fee that MECU will charge is the initial $5.00 ($2.00 for Relationship Pricing Members) card activation fee. For any additional fees, please refer to the disclosure that is mailed with the card.
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