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Save time. Save space. Save money. Save a tree! Environmentally-conscious and security-minded people are choosing to receive e-Statements in place of traditional paper statements. Members Exchange offers this service FREE to our members.

e-Statements are electronic copies of your account statements that you can view, search, save and print online anytime, at your convenience! They’re:

  • Fast – Available online, days sooner than paper statements that arrive by mail.
  • Convenient – No need to file away paper statements; e-Statements are stored for you online and archived for 36 months!
  • Secure – Access your e-Statements using your secure Online Banking (MECU Anywhere) account log in. e-Statements are not sent by e-mail or by paper to an insecure mailbox.
  • Environmentally friendly– e-Statements save paper, ultimately saving trees and helping the environment!

Join our other members who have made this simple switch that makes a big difference. Sign up for e-Statements today!

To view e-statements, you must login to MECUAnywhere.

View Your E-Statement Now

*Once you complete the e-Statement Authorization Form, a paper statement will no longer be mailed to you.

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How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU