How to Join MECU
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How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU

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Same-Day ACH Debits

As a consumer, when you make a purchase or payment via ACH withdrawal, you are usually prepared for some lag-time between the transaction being made and the money leaving your bank account. With same-day ACH debits this will not be … Continue reading

Now Accepting Nominations

Members Exchange has two Board of Directors positions and one Supervisory Committee position that will need to be filled. These positions are voluntary and are non-compensated. After reviewing the responsibilities, any member who is interested in serving should complete the nomination application either through … Continue reading

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Members Exchange NewsMembers Exchange Announcements

Infographic: Earning Money Online

It’s hard to ignore the appeal of making real money online—after all, we live in a world where bloggers land book and movie deals, where top YouTubers are multimillionaires and where celebrities collect thousands of dollars in exchange for a … Continue reading

Video: Rule of 72

Do you know the rule of 72? This life hack can help you calculate your savings goals. Whether you’re saving for retirement, a new house, or another important purchase, you can use this easy formula to determine how long it will take … Continue reading

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Access To Over 5,000 BranchesMembers Exchange Announcements

Across the country, every branch with the co-op logo can be yours.
At more than 5,000 branches and over 2,000 self-service locations in all 50 states.