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Business Rates

Members Exchange offers a variety of business accounts to meet your needs. You can maximize interest earnings on liquid deposits without time restrictions with a Business Money Market Account. Earn dividends on your e-Business Checking Account or you may be interested in earning a higher rate of interest with a Business Share Certificate. View current rates below:

Business Account Fees

e-Business Checking

Members Exchange offers the ultimate checking account to meet your business needs requiring only a $50 deposit to open.

Service Fee
 Minimum Deposit to Open $50
 Monthly Service Fee $10
 Checks/Debit Items Cleared Free per Month 100
 Per Check/Debit Fee Thereafter
(*ACH (Electronic) Transactions are Free)
 Per Deposit Items Free per Month 100
 Per Deposit Item Fee Thereafter
(*ACH (Electronic) Transactions are Free)
 Cash Management (Sweep) Transfers Free per Month 10
 Per (Sweep) Transfer Fee Thereafter $10
 Earns Dividends Yes
 Minimum Average Balance to earn APY $1,000

*To avoid monthly service fees, e-Business Checking Accounts must maintain an average daily balance of $1,000.00.

Business Electronic Services

Service Fee
 Debit Card Free
 Internet Banking Free
 Mobile Banking Free
 Telephone Banking Free
 e-Statements Free (paper statements cost $5.00/month)


For any questions about our Business Accounts or related fees, please contact MECU.