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Home Loans

Home Equity Line of Credit at Members Exchange

A Home Equity Line of Credit can open all kind of doors to your future – it’s like having a universal key to your dreams. Need to make a home repair or renovation, want to take a family vacation, need help paying for educational expenses? A HELOC at Members Exchange may be right for you. Discuss your needs with one of our loan originators to learn more.

Use your Home Equity Line of Credit whenever, for whatever!

Our Home Equity plan offers a discounted rate for the first six months, convenient check writing and interest-only payment options for qualified lines. The interest may even be tax-deductible.*
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First Time Homebuyer Savings Account

Brand new in 2018, the First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account is a great opportunity for Mississippians to take advantage of tax savings while saving to buy their first home. Click here to read more about the First-Time Homebuyer Savings Account Program.

If you are interested or have questions about a Home Equity Line of Credit, contact a loan originator below.

Members Exchange Home Loan Originators

Name NMLS # Location Phone
Madison County
LaDonna Jacobs 853415 Main Office / Marketridge 601-923-4361
David Broadaway 619395 Main Office / Marketridge 601-923-4317
Carol Maleigh Coffey 853398 Main Office / Marketridge 601-923-4312
Karen Root 853414 Main Office / Marketridge 601-923-4304
Carla Simmons 1097053 Main Office / Marketridge 601-923-4386
Rankin County
Deidre Clinton 853470 Pearl Office / MetroPlex 601-923-4382
Kimberly Keen 533494 Pearl Office / MetroPlex 601-923-4328
Hinds County
Drew Allen 1097059 Byram Office / I-55 S Frontage 601-923-4305
Jebba Chease 853435 Byram Office / I-55 S Frontage 601-923-4323
Debbie Dillon 853429 Byram Office / I-55 S Frontage 601-923-4363