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Personal Loans

Member Savings Loan

Are you looking to build your savings and establish credit?  With a Member Savings Loan from Members Exchange, you can accomplish both!  The loan proceeds will be deposited into a designated savings account that will be used as collateral for the loan with a great low rate!  Once the loan is paid in full, the money in the savings account is yours and all timely payments will be reflected on your credit report!

Share Certificate Loan

Want to purchase something without draining your hard-earned savings? We’ve got the perfect solution. Use your share certificate as collateral and the loan interest rate is only 3% above the rate of your Share Certificate.  The money you’ve worked so hard to save will continue to earn interest and will still be there when the loan is paid in full!

This is also a great way for those establishing credit for the first time or those wanting to repair their credit. It helps build positive repayment history and proves that you can handle credit responsibly.

Unsecured Personal Loan

Get a loan for practically anything with our Unsecured Personal Loan.  This unsecured, fixed-rate loan offers flexible terms and low interest rates!  Use it today to take that much-needed vacation, home repairs, debt consolidation or emergencies – the choice is yours!

Personal Line of Credit

An open-end Personal Line of Credit from Members Exchange is the best kind of Personal Loan you could hope for – because you can use the money for any purpose.

What will you use your loan for?

With a good credit rating you can qualify for a loan or credit line with no collateral or security deposit. Call Members Exchange to speak with a Personal Service Representative or click below to apply online.

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