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Woman with black curly hair and black frame glasses passes a green credit card over to a barista while smile in exchange for a coffee.

ATM and Debit Cards

Find an ATM

Members Exchange belongs to Credit Union 24 ATM Network (CU24 & CUHERE) and MoneyPass, which provides access to thousands of ATMs nationwide. Please note that Members Exchange does not participate in the Allpoint ATM Network.

Visa Debit Cards

Your Members Exchange Visa Debit Card* takes the place of checks wherever Visa is accepted. The amount will be deducted from your Checking Account and the transaction will appear on your monthly checking statement.

NewGen Prepaid Cards for Teens

NewGen is a reloadable debit card that can be purchased by an adult on behalf of a teen who is at least 13 years of age. While the NewGen Card is issued to and embossed in the name of your teen, who is the card holder, you, the parent are still the account owner. This set up gives your teen a small taste of  independence, while still allowing you to ensure your child is safe in a variety of ways.

Fraud Protection Text Alerts from smsGuardian

Protect your Visa® credit or debit card by enrolling in our fraud prevention program, smsGuardian. The program sends transaction alerts directly to your mobile phone or other SMS-enabled device to prevent unauthorized purchases. Enrollment lasts for one year. The service may be discontinued at any time by replying to an smsGuardian text alert with the word STOP.

Visa Account Updater

New card? No problem. Visa® now makes life easier for you when you receive a new card.

Customer Service

Has your card been lost or stolen?

Do you need help with a declined transaction?

For assistance with Declined Transactions, please call the Transaction Assistance Line – 1-888-526-0404.