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Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit at Members Exchange

Are you tired of waiting on your paycheck to come in the mail? With Direct Deposit, there’s no more waiting and no more standing in long teller lines to deposit your check. With Direct Deposit, your salary (paycheck) or payment (social security, pension, etc.) will deposit directly into your account and be available to you on the payment date – and Social Security has made it even easier to sign up.

Convenience and security are two important factors people look for when dealing with a financial institution. With direct deposit at Members Exchange, you can be assured of both. Your funds will arrive at the credit union safely and you will be spared the inconvenience of making a trip to make a deposit or loan payment. You’ll save time and money in more ways than one!

Ready to Enroll in Direct Deposit?

To enroll in Direct Deposit, print and complete the following form and present it to your employer.

Download Direct Deposit Form

Advantages of Direct Deposit

There are a wide variety of reasons to use Direct Deposit! Here are some of the most compelling:

Routing Number

Members Exchange Credit Union’s Routing Number is 265377484. It is useful for setting up Direct Deposit and ordering checks.

If you have questions about setting up Direct Deposit for your MECU account, please contact us for assistance.