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You want to open accounts on your time. And you want to feel secure knowing that your privacy is protected. That’s why we offer Secure Online Applications, Printable Applications, and Forms notices that you can access at your convenience.

There is a one-time non-refundable loan application fee of $15.00. This fee must be paid before we can process your loan application request. By submitting your application you authorize Members Exchange to deduct this fee from your account. You understand that if the funds are not available in your account to cover this fee, we are not able to process your loan application request.

Simply click the links below to apply online or print to mail or fax them to us.

Secure Online Applications

Printable Applications

Printable Forms

Electronic Signature Forms

  • Click HERE to access forms.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer users may experience the following errors when trying to enter the applications. Both are known Microsoft issues, click on the links below for more information.

If you are having a problem entering the secure applications, your browser or network may not be configured properly.

How to Join MECU
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How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU
How to Join MECU