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Auto Loan Rates

Auto Loan Rates from Members Exchange Credit Union

Use our calculators to estimate the cost of an Auto Loan payment.

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Loan Type Term Amount Financed Annual Percentage Rate
New and Used Auto 01-24 months Varies 3.49%-19.25%
New and Used Auto 25-36 months Varies 3.99%-20.00%
New and Used Auto 37-48 months Varies 4.49%-20.25%
New and Used Auto 49-60 months Varies 4.99%-20.25%
New and Used Auto 61-72 months Varies 5.49%-20.50%
New and Used Auto (Only in A+ to B credit) 73-76 months Varies 5.49%-11.49%
Year Models 2022 & 2021

Extended Terms

New and Used Auto (Only in A+ to B credit) 77-84 months Varies 5.99%-11.99%

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