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Auto Loan Rates

Auto Loan Rates from Members Exchange Credit Union

Use our calculators to estimate the cost of an Auto Loan payment.

Term Amount Financed Annual Percentage Rate
New Vehicle Loans Current & Previous Year
New Vehicle 01-24 months Varies 0.99%-19.25%
New Vehicle 25-36 months Varies 1.99%-20.00%
New Vehicle 37-48 months Varies 2.49%-20.25%
New Vehicle 49-60 months Varies 2.99%-20.25%
New Vehicle 61-72 months Varies 3.99%-20.50%
New Vehicle 73-76 months Varies 4.49%-20.50%
New Vehicle 77-84 months Varies 4.99%-20.50%
Used Auto Loans
Used Vehicle 01-24 months Varies 1.99%-19.25%
Used Vehicle 25-36 months Varies 2.49%-20.00%
Used Vehicle 37-48 months Varies 2.99%-20.25%
Used Vehicle 49-60 months Varies 3.49%-20.25%
Used Vehicle 61-64 months Varies 3.99%-20.50%
Used Vehicle 65-72 months Varies 4.50%-20.50%

Apply for an Auto Loan

Please call Members Exchange at 601-922-3350 to obtain the most current rate information.