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Members Exchange is committed to offering the convenient mortgage services to our members to include our variable rate home equity line of credit.

A mortgage loan from Members Exchange can offer stability and peace of mind to your monthly expenses. Your individual needs determine which program is right for you because mortgage loans are not like any other loan.

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Members Exchange Mortgage Originators

Madison County

LIsa Gaspard1097044Main Office / Marketridge601-923-4372
LaDonna Jacobs853415Main Office / Marketridge601-923-4361
David Broadaway619395Main Office / Marketridge601-923-4317
Carol Maleigh Coffey853398Main Office / Marketridge601-923-4312
Karen Root853414Main Office / Marketridge601-923-4304
Mary Washington853422Main Office / Marketridge601-923-4377
Carla Simmons1097053Main Office/Marketridge601-923-4386

Rankin County

Deidre Clinton853470Pearl Office / MetroPlex601-923-4382
Kimberly Keen533494Pearl Office / MetroPlex601-923-4328

Hinds County

Drew Allen1097059Byram Office / I-55 S Frontage601-923-4305
Jebba Chease853435Byram Office / I-55 S Frontage601-923-4323
Debbie Dillon853429Byram Office / I-55 S Frontage601-923-4363
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How to Join MECU
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