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Effective November 2019, members who are currently enrolled in e-Statements will begin receiving electronic records referred to as e-Notices. E-Notices consist of all required and optional disclosures,
agreements, contracts, receipts, notices, amendments and all other evidence of our transactions and/or third-party notices, such as IRS Form 1098, 1099, etc.

Not signed up for e-Statements? Get enrolled today! Enroll in e-Statements and you will automatically be signed up for e-Notices.

E-Statements and e-Notices are free!
• If you decide to receive your statement in paper form, a recurring monthly fee of $2 will apply.
Convenient Access 24/7
• Access e-Statements and e-Notices by logging in to Online or Mobile Banking.
Safe & Secure
• E-Statements and e-Notices are more secure than mail, which reduces mail fraud and identity theft.
• Switching to e-Statements and e-Notices is not only a win for you,
but it’s a win for the environment! And it eliminates unnecessary clutter.
Easy Sign-Up
• What are you waiting for? Signing up for e-Statements is FREE and SIMPLE! Login to Online Banking and click on the e-Statements tab, then you can elect to receive e-Statements.