Video: 7 Cooperative Principles

When you join a credit union you’re more than a member, you’re part of a movement! Watch this video for a brief description of the 7 cooperative principles that make credit unions unique.    

Infographic: Organizing Your Finances

It’s good to know what documents are important to keep and which ones are safe to discard. Check out the infographic below to determine what you should keep and what you can toss! Then organize your documents and create a plan … Continue reading

Video: Demystifying Mortgages

Looking to buy a house? This may be the biggest financial purchase of your life and you will more than likely need a loan to pay for it. Watch this video to understand more about mortgages, such as the difference … Continue reading

MECU Awards Community Scholarships

Members Exchange awards $5,000 annually to graduating seniors through a Community Service Scholarship. Students are required to fill out an application and write a brief essay on what the scholarship would mean to them and how community service has impacted … Continue reading

Do You Love My CU Rewards?

Members Exchange Members Get Exclusive Discounts from Love My Credit Union Rewards Everyone loves to save, especially on products and services you use every day. That’s what Love My Credit Union Rewards is all about.  Members have saved nearly $2 … Continue reading

Infographic: Intro to Insurance

Insurance coverage helps provide compensation for a loss or damage caused by an uncontrollable event. Insurance providers offer a variety of policies, premiums, and coverages based on your needs.  This infographic helps to answer a few common questions that many … Continue reading

Video: Understanding Inflation

Ever wonder why hamburgers cost 20 cents 50 years ago, but are 5 dollars in present day? The rising cost of commodities is due to inflation of our economy. Inflation can be in many different forms such as demand-pull inflation, … Continue reading

IRAs – They’re Not Just for Tax Time

Contrary to what many people think, an IRA (Individual Retirement Account) can be opened or contributed to at any time during the year, not just at tax time. A Traditional or Roth IRA can be funded any time up until … Continue reading

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