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Keep Money Local

Grow your money locally.

Supporting your local community is a positive thing—it builds relationships, it strengthens the local economy, and it makes your neighborhood a happier and healthier place to work and play.

The most obvious way to support your surrounding community is with the choices you make with your dollars. Money you spend in your community is recirculated in the local economy instead of being extracted from it. This translates into more local jobs, more opportunities for local business owners and service providers, and more tax dollars that stay in the community.

Supplementing your grocery shopping list with fresh farmers’ market finds, choosing independent cafés and restaurants over national chains, and purchasing art and gifts from local vendors are all simple ways to support your local economy.

One of the 7 co-operative principles of credit unions is “Concern for Community.” This means your day-to-day banking translates into benefits for charities, local businesses and the entire community!

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of shopping local and banking with a credit union.

Check out this infographic to learn even more!

This is an infographic about shopping locally.