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What is CU at the Zoo?

MECU Staff at CU at the Zoo.

MS Credit Unions Create Community in a Wild Way with CU at the Zoo

Have you seen the posts on social media? Did another parent from your child’s class mention a free day at the Zoo in passing? Maybe you noticed a flyer on the wall about CU at the Zoo posted in your credit union. But what is CU at the Zoo?

Simply put, CU at the Zoo is a way for area credit unions to come together and offer a fun community event, while also raising awareness of Youth Savings Month. To say “Thank You” to the community and our credit union members for being a part of the credit union movement.

Beginning in 2013, a group of area credit unions wanted to find a deeper way to connect and give back to their communities by way of physical presence and hands on activity. Through this discovery process some of the best cooperative minds in our community produced the CU at the Zoo Event! By partnering with the Jackson Zoo, area credit unions offer free admission to the first 2,500 visitors and have unique displays and booths set up throughout the Zoo complete with games, crafts, face painting, food trucks, a scavenger hunt, financial education literature and activities, and giveaways galore!

Credit Unions are co-operatives and CU at the Zoo is one more way we embody that philosophy every day. Working together, we can make a difference for even the youngest of members. What better time than April of each year, during Youth Savings Month to focus on healthy saving habits and financial education. CU at the Zoo is an event at which we can all have fun and learn a little more about animals, the zoo, the credit union movement, and of course, saving!

The event is one we look forward to every year. Seeing our members out having fun with their families and soaking up all the Jackson Zoo has to offer is a great treat for us. Don’t forget to join us this year on April 28th from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm. (This event was rescheduled from April 14, due to threat of severe weather). Get there early, there’s always a great crowd! Remember it’s free for the first 2,500 visitors, and only $5 per person for admission after we reach that number.


Blog post created by Mutual Credit Union Marketing Department.