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How to Dispute Charges that You Didn’t Authorize

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Unexplained charges on your credit or debit card can be very inconvenient to deal with. Paying close attention to transactions will help you to detect these discrepancies early so that you can dispute them as soon as you notice anything suspicious. We recommend that you take the following steps to dispute unknown transactions:

Step 1: Verify the validity of the charge in question, making sure that it wasn’t made by another authorized user. Did your spouse, child or other family member make a purchase online, or through a linked account? Did you forget to cancel a 7-day trial after trying out a new streaming service?

Step 2: We recommend that you attempt to communicate directly with the merchant who processed the transaction. Common merchants, like Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon, have simple dispute procedures that can often be resolved online or via mobile app.

Step 3: If the merchant is unable to help you, your next step would be to contact MECU for further assistance.

Click here for dispute resolution tips for some of the top online merchants.

Click here to access the dispute form and return the completed form to a MECU representative for further assistance.