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Unleashing the Power of Kasasa Checking with Members Exchange Credit Union

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Welcome to the Members Exchange Credit Union (MECU) blog, where we delve into the innovative world of Kasasa Cash Checking—an account that’s revolutionizing the way our members engage with their money. For 70 years, MECU has been a steadfast partner in helping individuals manage their finances. Kasasa Cash is a checking account that does more than just store your funds. It rewards you with 5.00% APY interest on balances up to $25,000.

What is Kasasa?

Kasasa is more than just a quirky name; it’s a commitment to providing you with an account that pays you back. Our Kasasa checking accounts are designed to be fee-free and full of benefits, such as significant dividends and cashback rewards. It’s a checking account that aligns with your lifestyle and financial goals.

Kasasa Cash: High Dividends, No Hassles

Kasasa Cash is not your average checking account. It’s a high-yield account that offers an impressive 5.00% APY on balances up to $25,000, with no minimum balance or monthly service fee. Plus, you’ll get ATM fee refunds nationwide.

To reap these rewards, simply:

  • Make at least 15 debit card purchases each month.
  • Complete at least one ACH debit or bill pay transaction.
  • Log in to online banking.
  • Opt for monthly e-statements.

Missed a month? No worries. You’ll still enjoy free checking and can earn the rewards again the following month.

The Kasasa Checking Experience

Here’s what you can expect from a Kasasa Checking account with MECU:

  • Nationwide ATM Fee Refunds: Say goodbye to ATM fees. Use any ATM across the country and we’ll refund the fees.
  • No Minimum Balance Required: Your rewards don’t hinge on a minimum balance, giving you financial flexibility.
  • Complimentary Digital Banking Tools: Access your account anytime, anywhere with our free online and mobile banking services, including bill pay and e-statements.

Interested in joining the Kasasa movement? Become a member and start enjoying these benefits today.

Kasasa Cash Back: Spend and Earn

With Kasasa Cash Back, every debit card purchase puts money back in your pocket. Earn 3% cashback on your spending, up to $6 per month, and enjoy the same nationwide ATM fee refunds as Kasasa Cash.

The qualifications are the same, ensuring simplicity and consistency across our Kasasa products.

Kasasa Saver: Supercharge Your Savings

Link your Kasasa checking to a Kasasa Saver account and watch your savings grow faster. Earn a competitive 1.00% APY on your Kasasa Saver balance and benefit from the same ATM fee refunds.

Just meet your Kasasa checking qualifications, and you’re all set to save smarter.

Beyond Banking with MECU

At MECU, we’re more than just a credit union; we’re a community. We invite you to learn more about us and see how we’ve been serving our members with a warm welcome, knowledgeable solutions, and a passionate commitment for over half a century.

Join the Conversation

Stay informed and engaged with the latest financial insights by visiting our blogs section. And if you ever need assistance or have questions, our contact page is just a click away.

MECU is Your Financial Companion with Kasasa

Kasasa Checking at MECU is more than just an account—it’s a financial companion that rewards you for everyday banking. Choosing an account with a 5.00% APY interest rate is a smart move, highlighting our belief that banking should be a help, not a hassle. 

Ready to take control of your financial journey? Explore Kasasa Checking at MECU and discover a world of rewards waiting for you. If you have questions, please call during our regular business hours at 601-922-3350 or toll-free at 1-800-748-9459

Please note that account features are subject to change, and this blog post is for informational purposes only, not financial advice. For personalized advice, consult with a financial advisor.