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Avoid Paying Fees as a New Member at MECU

Avoid Paying Fees as a New Member | MECU | Serving Jackson, MS

Tips to Avoid Additional Fees and Save Money as a New Member of MECU

So, you’ve just signed up as a member of Jackson’s preferred credit union. Continue your fee-free banking experience by following these helpful tips! Did you know that Members Exchange Credit Union offers a variety of services to our members that typically come with additional fees from other financial institutions? At MECU, we’re here to help save you money, so let’s get started: 

  • Download our mobile app. Our mobile app, MECU Anywhere, gives you easy access to your accounts, anytime, anywhere. Monitor your account balances on the go with our free mobile app. Running low on funds? Skip the trip to a MECU branch or ATM and deposit checks from anywhere with your phone or tablet camera. 
  • Seek financial advice with one of our Certified CU Financial Counselors. Members Exchange offers our members FREE financial counseling and education programs with our Certified CU Financial Counselors to help with debt management, budgeting, or financial growth planning. 
  • Alternatives for OOPS (overdraft from savings or line of credit). Unforeseen circumstances happen in life and rarely at the perfect time. Sometimes, we come up short, but at MECU, we have an overdraft protection plan to fit your needs. If your account qualifies, we will consider paying off some of your unavoidable expenses rather than returning those items unpaid. You may also authorize or transfer funds from one account to another or use your open-end line of credit to advance money to your checking account. Learn more about OOPS!
  • Set up automatic payments. Bill Pay with MECU allows you to manage and pay your bills all in one place. Enroll now to make automatic payments using the “Bill Pay” option on your MECU Anywhere Online Banking account. 
  • Direct Deposit. With Direct Deposit, there’s no more waiting and standing in line to deposit your check. Paychecks, social security, or pension will be deposited directly into your account and be available to you on the payment date. Get peace of mind and save time when you take advantage of our Direct Deposit program
  • Sign up for e-alerts. E- alerts from MECU keep you in the know. You can set alerts that notify you when balances are low, transactions above a minimum threshold occur, or when there’s suspicious activity on your account. Receive receipts, notices, amendments, IRS forms, and more when you sign up for free
  • Keep track of your spending. Budgeting is the best way to save! Managing your spending means you can avoid unforeseen expenses, bills, or overdrafts from insufficient funds. Use these tips from MECU to help you with the basics! 
  • Maintain minimum balance requirements. 
  • Use ‘in-network’ ATMs and ATMs at the credit union branches. Partnering with CULIANCE ATM, our members have access to thousands of ATMs nationwide. Find a branch or in-network ATM here
  • Enroll in e-Statements. Save time, money, and trees with e-Statements from MECU. The best part? It’s absolutely FREE. E-statements offer fast, convenient, and secure access to your banking statements using your MECU Anywhere login. By signing up, you’ll be saving more than trees by avoiding a $2.00 monthly charge. 
  • Open a free checking account. MECU boasts some of the best online banking options in Jackson, MS, including our free Kasasa checking accounts. No minimum required to earn rewards, and our checking accounts provide nationwide ATM fee refunds! 
  • Make timely loan payments. We’ve saved the best for last. Making timely loan payments is a sure-fire way to save money as a new member of Members Exchange Credit Union. At MECU, we offer competitive loan rates to help you reach all of your payments on time. 

Save Money, Avoid Extra Fees with Members Exchange Credit Union | Jackson, MS 

Every positive relationship should start out on the right track, and at MECU, that’s what we are here to cultivate with your finances in mind. Take advantage of the many ways you can save as a new member of Members Exchange Credit Union. Not a member? No problem. Now that you’ve received the crash course on how to avoid paying additional fees with us, inquiring about a membership is your next step to financial security and success. Join Members Exchange Credit Union today!