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Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection Options from Members Exchange

Unforeseen circumstances happen to us all, and they usually happen at the wrong time! Your car can break down on Wednesday, and you don’t get paid until Friday. You make an honest mistake in your checkbook, and it leaves you a “little short” to cover all your outstanding checks.

We have an overdraft protection plan to fit your needs:

  1. OOPS!™ — Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service
  2. Transfer from another account
  3. Open-End Line of Credit

OOPS!™ — Occasional Overdraft Privilege Service

Learn More about OOPS!

If your account qualifies for OOPS!, we will consider, without obligation on our part, paying items for which your account has insufficient or unavailable funds, instead of automatically returning those items unpaid.

Transfer From Another Account

You can authorize us to transfer funds needed to cover your overdraft if the funds are available. A small transfer fee may apply, or it can be at no cost depending on the type of checking account you choose to open.

Open-End Line of Credit

If you have a line of credit with Members Exchange you can authorize us to advance (add money) to your LOC and in turn the funds will be deposited into your checking account to cover payments that are presented.

For more information or to opt-in to an Overdraft Protection program, please visit your nearest branch or call us at 601-922-3350 or 1-800-748-9459.