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Why We Love Our Credit Union

Why I Love My Credit Union | MECU | Serving Jackson, MS

Did you know? July is #LoveMyCU month! Many people these days are moving away from traditional banks and making the switch to credit unions. What’s so appealing about credit unions? Here’s our list: 

Personal Ownership

Most financial institutions are owned by stockholders who intend to make money from their investments. Credit unions like MECU take a different approach. Every member of Members Exchange Credit Union owns one “share” of the organization. That means that in addition to receiving discounted products and services, each member is entitled to vote on important issues, such as the election of member representatives to serve on our board of directors.

Lower Interest on Loans and Higher Interest on Savings

Because MECU is a non-profit company, like all credit unions, we offer low-interest rates on loans to our members in central Mississippi that banks can’t. Having to pay back large sums of money is complicated enough on its own and paying the high-interest rates that banks charge can be very daunting.

Inversely, the interest rates on your savings are higher than for-profit banks. That’s right, you get more money back when you invest it with MECU. They’re interested in helping out their members in every way possible. That’s why they’re dedicated to getting you the most benefits from banking with them.

Personal Service

The service you get from MECU is far more personal than what you get from banks. MECU’s customers have names, not just account numbers. At Members Exchange, you’ll know right away that you’re more than a customer – you’re a member. And that means you’ll always receive preferred rates, a comprehensive mix of products and services, and the kind of warm, knowledgeable, and passionate customer service that builds relationships for life.

Become a Member | Members Exchange Credit Union | Serving Jackson, MS

Our members love MECU and we know you will, too. Apply online or stop by to set up your account today. MECU offers low rates, great service, and all the banking conveniences you need. Bank any way you want with our mobile app MECU Anywhere or at one of our convenient locations.