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Woman with black curly hair and black frame glasses passes a green credit card over to a barista while smile in exchange for a coffee.

Debit Card

The Members Exchange Visa Debit Card

The Members Exchange Visa Debit Card* simplifies your life by taking the place of checks wherever Visa is accepted–even if regular checks are not welcome. Use it for everyday purchases at the mall, the grocery store, your favorite restaurant, or for phone and mail orders. Eighteen million worldwide locations will accept your Members Exchange Visa Debit Card – just look for the Visa logo.

MECU VISA Debit Card Benefits

Activate Your New Card & Select Your PIN

800-290-7893 (US)
206-624-7998 (Outside US)

Report Your Card Lost or Stolen

888-297-3416 (US)
206-389-5200 (Outside US)

Declined Transactions